What originally drew our attention to notcot.org is the extraordinary video made by the Red Bull Formula One team. You may have seen it doing the rounds on social media the past couple of days.

The video is well worth watching for two reasons. Firstly it does a fine job of explaining the new rules of F1. The new technology that's gone into the cars this year has meant changes to the rule book, as well as the engine sounds, and this informative clip runs through them in a concise and digestible way. But the main reason we love this clip is the animation. We mentioned the blurring of the lines between digital imagery and reality yesterday, and this is a fabulous example of when the two meet to make something remarkable.

It's no surprise that it was found on Notcot either. This is a site that's a firm favourite with creatives all over the world. They keep track of everything that's inspirational and beautiful in the modern creative world, and a quick trawl through this elegant site will no doubt get your juices flowing, whether you're an F1 fan or not.