The line between what is digital imagery and what some might call pure art is one that has been the subject of heated debate in recent years, and it's a line that has become increasingly blurred.

Technology has made the manipulation of pixels an almost boundless art form, but the purists would argue that it can go too far.

Take the recent viral video of the photorealistic portrait of Morgan Freeman, done on a iPad. It was an extraordinary piece of work to watch unfolding before your eyes, and the artist is undoubtedly hugely talented. But with a digital image that's almost indistinguishable from a photo, are we losing the essence of what's art? It's an interesting question and one that we won't pretend to have an answer to.

But what about when we can use the same technology to bring older media to life? Take a look at, and specifically the collection of old photos that have been painstakingly "colourised" by digital artists.

It's an extraordinary collection, and it's fairly typical of this site to present it. Tickld is a place to come to for all kinds of imagery. Most if it is meme-based humour and social media mischief but, like in this instance, they also turn up some absolute gems.