From such humble beginnings, where an arms-length self-shot picture was simply the by product of not having anybody else around, the selfie has become a global sensation. Everybody is doing it.

Ellen DeGeneres, James Cordon and Prince, Barack Obama and several world leaders, they've all recently taken their own selfies and almost broke Twitter by posting them. Now Apple is getting in on the act by dedicating a section of the App Store to taking selfies and specifically the applications for iPhone it suggests will help you get the best mugshot.

So here are the apps it thinks you should check out if you want to capture your own gurning in the most effective way.


This is a perfect app for those with an obsession with the effects of ageing or really love looking at themselves. It encourages you to take a selfie pic every day (or even as quickly as every 30 minutes) which you can layer over the top of the previous day's image.

By lining the pic up using a grid, you can see how you change over time. When you've collected enough images, you can make an animated movie of the results. Some could call it creepy, but consider that it could be used to take pictures of your baby or child, so that you or a grandparent can see how they've grown.


Similar to Samsung's Dual Camera mode for the Galaxy S4 and other recent handsets, Frontback takes shots using both the front and rear-cameras and creates one image that shows both your expression and the subject you were looking at when it was taken.

It also contains some social sharing features and even gives the option to overlay captions.


Everyday is based on the same concept as Picr; take a photo of your own face everyday, line it up and even make a movie of the results.

It's different in style and charges a one-off fee rather than offer in-app purchases.


Snapchat has had its issues of late, with both privacy and security, but there's no denying its continuing popularity. Its a picture and video social sharing service that focuses on the fleeting moments and the idea that moments are best when fleeting.

You take a selfie or video clip, send it to one of your friends, they view it and then it disappears again. It's fun, if a little vacuous. There's certainly enough there to have attracted Facebook's attention, which tried to buy the smaller startup for a reported $3 billion. Unsuccessfully.


The idea behind Samba is nice. You make a video of yourself, send it to someone and as they watch it, the app records their reactions and sends them back to you.

It's a closed loop so you can pretty much do what you like (we're not judging you), just make sure you don't accidentally send the wrong vid to granny. The reaction might not be the one you expect.


Yep, another daily selfie image biographer. Again you can line-up the pics so they overlay correctly and therefore see the passage of time through the medium of animated videos.

However, this one can also create GIFs, and we all know how popular they are these days.


Selfie Cam takes the idea of the basic selfie and gives it a twist by giving you the option to add amusing overlays and captions. Want to pop a moustache on your mush? Bingo.

It also features face detection technology so can be set to take a picture when you smile into the lens.


Front Flash is perfect for those who want to take close-up shots of their face when there's little ambient light around, such as in a field at night or when hiding in a bin.

It uses the screen itself as a makeshift flash. It automatically sets brightness to full and whitens the entire screen for the duration of a picture which casts light across the face. It's enough to give a an artistic selfie image at times when nothing would normally come out.


Facetune is a photo editor that's simple to use but effective if you want to get rid of unwelcome blemishes or spots on your skin. You can also use it to whiten your teeth in a selfie (or shot of someone else), even change your eye or hair colour.

There are also all manner of other photo enhancement effects, and you can even use it to change the shape or structure of your face. Grazia front cover, here we come.


SnapDash is a selfie game. It asks you, either on your own or with friends, to pose in a certain way or emote a certain feeling and then takes a picture soon after. You can share the end results socially and there are a number of categories to play.

The end results can either be hilarious or disturbing, that's for you to decide.


Like several of the other apps featured here, 1 Second Everyday encourages to capture yourself or your surroundings on a daily basis, although this time in 1 second video clips.

You can then relive your life in just a matter of minutes, as the clips are edited together and packaged in an easily viewable form. I can be quite tear jerking, although you have to ensure you stick to the regimen in order to make the most of the app.


Shots is basically a social sharing service to see others' selfies and post your own, without being subjected to ratings or negative comments.

It is a "fun, hater-free place to share and see selfies of your friends". And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.