Twenty five years ago today would’ve been the first Friday after the worldwide web was invented. (OK, so it probably wasn’t but we can’t be bothered to check and it would kind of ruin the rest of this piece if we did…).

And we reckon that’s when it would’ve happened. That’s when the first person thought “hey, it’s Friday – let’s have some fun…”

We reckon that’s when the first meme was invented. And yes, we reckon it was probably a picture of a cat, too. But how to find out? Where could we check our (admittedly very dubious) supposition?

This was where we came to check: It’s a brilliant interactive timeline of the development of the worldwide web, from Sir Tim’s first keystrokes to what we see today, and all the incredible leaps in online innovation between. It’s a great resource and one that anybody with an interest in modern history should take a look at, this week of all weeks.

No sign of that first cat GIF though.