Here's one of the most useful sites we've told you about in a while, because will make your email so much easier to manage.

Spam is still a big problem, but most junk mail filters are pretty good these days, even on the free services.

But we all do it. We all buy something online and then get to that little checkbox with something along the lines of "We value your custom, and we'd like to introduce you to selected partners and other third parties whose products and services you might be interested in. If you wouldn't like us to not do this, please don't untick the box..."

You um. You ah. You wrestle with the doubling, tripling and quadrupling of the negative until you don't fully recollect what the word "no" means any more.

And you check the box.

Oh, now you've done it...

Sometimes within minutes you'll start getting the emails. You start out unsubscribing from all the offers of financial advice and products you don't have the slightest interest in, but after a while you just sort of give up and resign yourself to the fact that your inbox will now be full of sales messages that you don't really want.

But then there will be the ones that you did sign up for knowingly, and you want to keep those. lets you do that with just a few clicks.

Yes, you have to give it access to your email account (so read the terms and conditions carefully if you're unsure) but once you do you'll be presented with a neat digest of all the subscription mails it can find. The just click ‘unsubscribe’ next to the ones you want shot of, and keep the ones you like.
Then, you'll get a regular "roll up" of all your subscriptions so you can keep an eye on what's current and what's ready for the chop.

It's quick, easy, free and makes your inbox management much easier.