Now, don’t tell the boss, but here at Pocket Lint, some of us are getting a bit restless. The sun has been glimpsed through the rain and the gloom and it’s got us thinking about holidays.

Cue the bun fight. For those of us with little Linters, the horse trading begins over who gets to go when the schools are on holiday. Deals are discussed and deals are done and the winners will celebrate being able to tell their families that they’re all going away together this year. Until they start looking at the cost.

Holiday companies hike up their prices to coincide with school breaks to a level that makes the eyes water. While this can be great news for people travelling out of these peaks times, those of us who don’t really have a choice need to find the best deals. Somebody in the office mentioned how good the deals used to be on TV teletext. Page after page of last-minute, bargain holidays would scroll by until you saw something that tickled your fancy and gave them a call.

Well, they’re still going, at They’ve just moved on a bit. But, by the looks of things, they’re still finding some of the most affordable holiday packages around, and the interface is fast, clean and very easy to use.

Until the travel companies behave themselves, services like this are the best option for booking a holiday without breaking the bank.