When it comes to the health of the body and mind, there can’t be many authorities more respected that the Wellcome Trust - the charitable organisation that supports medical and scientific research across the globe. They must turn up some stories, right?

Well, indeed they do, and now they’re sharing them at mosaicscience.com, a brand new site that sets out to “to explore the science of life”. The first five stories they’ve posted run quite a gamut: sex, cycle safety and cognitive science, among other topics, and this isn’t writing that’s aimed at the soundbite generation either.

This is in-depth, considered online journalism that’s aiming to bring the far-flung world of scientific research and thinking to life for a whole new audience. But then look at who some of the contributors are and you’ll see some of the best creatives from the world of science media, so that’s no surprise.

This is definitely one to watch, and is already a firm favourite with us here - we’ve all signed up for the monthly updates and everything.