Spring might not have actually sprung, but it’s certainly in the air. The floodwater seems to be stable (it’s not going anywhere, but at least it’s mostly stopped rising) and the skies do seem to be a bit clearer. Oh, and it’s nice to be heading home from work when it’s not quite pitch black, isn’t it?

So, you might be starting to think about summer, and for some that means thinking about flashing the flesh. Not in an exhibitionist way, just, you know, shorts and T-shirts. Possibly even swimwear if a holiday is on the cards.

So getting in shape might suddenly became a priority. A new place to get some tips and encouragement is mynewvita.com. Here you can access exercise plans, healthy nutritional advice and some fascinating in-depth articles about the latest health and fitness trends. This is as useful an online resource as we’ve found anywhere for some encouragement to take better care of ourselves.

Oh, and you can access all this for free. Not really a downside, is there?