Google is once again firming its position so it can continue supporting its iOS apps, and doing it beautifully. 

The maker of Android released a big "version 2.0" update of its Hangouts for iOS messaging app on Thursday, bringing a look that gels well with iOS 7, along with much need iPad optimisation. It actually looks pretty snazzy. 

The iPad user interface for the Hangouts app is a two-column approach like the iMessage app on iOS. On the right you can see your conversations with friends and co-workers, and on the left is where the chat takes place.

With the update, Google has also added the option to record and send video messages of up to 10 seconds long, send animated "emoji" stickers, or a map of your current location on both the iPhone and iPad. Of course, you can also utilise the voice calling that was added in late-2013

Google launched its Hangouts platform in May 2013, replacing three other messaging services it had at the time. The goal is to create a cross-platform messaging service that supports voice, text and video. 

The update is now available on the iTunes App Store. 

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