If you’re one of the millions of people who have done the deed and swapped four wheels for two, there are a few things you will no doubt be fully aware of by now.

There are the benefits. You’re no doubt fitter, less stressed, and definitely better off financially. You also get to see a lot more of the world and have joined one of the fastest-growing fraternities on the planet.

But, there are drawbacks too. The weather. Oh, the weather. Then there’s the traffic, and the so-called war between cyclists and motorists to contend with.

But, possibly the biggest drawback is the thieving little scrotes who will try to pinch your pride and joy at some point.

There’s not much worse than coming back to a bike rack to see an empty space where your two-wheeled dream machine once stood. Oh, actually, there is something worse: coming back to find most of it still there, minus a few of the more crucial bits. Like wheels. Or the saddle.

Keeping these essential bits and pieces safe and secure is a tricky task and that’s why atomic22.com really appeals to us.

Here you can buy a full set of absolutely top-quality security nuts, bolts and fixings, to keep your seatpost, axles, pedals, in fact anything that can traditionally be lifted by a light-finger hoodie, securely in place.

This really is the next generation in bike security, and although it does come at a price, it’s nothing compared to replacing your bike.

We love this stuff.