Footballer Wayne Rooney has signed a new contract. He’s reported to be earning £300,000 a week. That’s pounds sterling. Per week. Wow.

But is he worth it?

Millions of Manchester United (and possibly England) fans would say yes. Many more people might question it, given the very real economic challenges faced by the vast majority of them.

Perhaps it’s unfair to single out Mr Rooney (he’s hardly alone in commanding a huge salary in footballing circles), but this brilliant graphic from Ampp3d, an offshoot of The Mirror newspaper, really does bring home just how much money that is, and how quickly it adds up.

Watch in real time as the cash rolls in, and compare it to the likes of our Prime Minster and then a nurse. You can even compare it to your own salary (if you can face it). Type in your salary and watch your own wealth grow.

If it can stay anywhere near Wayne’s, you’re doing very well for yourself.