It's fair to say that Socks, the dancing Shetland pony who moonwalked into internet legend last year, was one online animal that a lot of people just never got bored of. He even came back for Christmas, just to give Three’s seasonal sales a much needed shot in the arm.

And now, they’re back, hawking their mobile network the way only they can, with a brilliant new ad featuring a cute kid on a bike with a kitten in a basket singing, Starship’s We Built This City. No, really.

And it really is a brilliant ad. And, much like with their dancing pony, they’ve got, where you can add your face to the video to share with your mates. The lip syncing uses some very clever new image manipulation and is really very good considering the low number of pixels they have to play with.

Yes, you’ll probably get sick of this eventually. But for now, it's very good fun.

Nice work, Three. Very nice work.