There is a trend that’s been hanging around for the past couple of years that has caused those of us of a certain age a little discomfort. Many things that we thought had been resigned to the dustbin of style have resurfaced and been sported by a new generation of ironic fashionistas.

We are talking about hipsters.

You see, some of us remember these things the first time round, and have pictures to prove that, even with a heavy dose if irony, we all looked a bit daft. And it’s not just clothes either. The gadgets, gizmos and accessories of yesteryear are a common sight in city centres now: original Gameboys, chunky mobile phones and satchels that used to be routinely ridiculed on playgrounds.

And we’ve got something here that might appeal to those who hanker for a blast from the past.

The theremin was the first real electronic musical instrument, and became a staple of movie soundtracks, thanks to its haunting, whining sound.

At you get a taste for just how irritating it was, unless in the hands (OK, gestures) of a true master.

This is likely to appeal to people who are fond of musical history, whether ironically or not. Oh, and it will appeal to those who like to annoy everybody around them too.

Good fun, in a really tuneless way.