What’s your view of the way women are portrayed in the media? When it comes to pictures in particular, you might have some strong views.

Some people think there’s nothing wrong with a bit of T&A on the covers of the men’s “lifestyle” magazines. Some people don’t see any harm in the the endless stream of Hollywood dieting fads in the women’s glossies, or the size-zero models that fill the fashion pages of almost every colour supplement out there.

But some people think enough is enough and this awesome collection of pictures is a brilliant way of starting to do something about it. The pictures at gettyimages.co.uk/Creative/Frontdoor/leanin are simply stunning, and have been created, working with LeanIn.org, to show what real women look like and how they should be portrayed.

Lean In is the not-for-profit organisation, set up by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg to inspire women to achieve their goals, and its site is well worth a visit too.