Jokes about the British weather are our stock in trade. Yes, we're a nation obsessed with the weather, but those jokes aren't funny any more as we face yet more storms, more rain and, worst of all, more flooding.

There are 14 severe flood warnings in place, and those are just the ones covering the River Thames. That means there's a risk to life. People are homeless, others are completely cut off, often without power and basic sanitation. The Army and Royal Marines are being called in to help the overstretched emergency services. This is very real.

It's the worst flooding in living memory and, regardless of whether you think it's failed in its efforts, the Environment Agency is the best place to find out what's going on.

At you can find out exactly where the flood warnings are in place and what can be done to avoid the worst of it and hopefully prevent more risk to life, limb and property.

Stay safe everyone.