This is one of the best ideas we’ve seen in quite a while and, although it’s a little niche, it’s something that really should be more widely known.

At they’re looking out for the people who make the music that we so often take for granted. TV shows, ads, movies, games - they nearly always have a soundtrack, and composers often have a bit of a raw deal when it comes to actually getting their work featured in these areas.

Soundcheque is making it easier though, both for filmmakers wanting to find the perfect score and for composers who are trying to get their music noticed.

It doesn’t take a massive cut, which is unusual in this business, and it doesn't take any of the rights either.

You can search through its database for existing music or maybe be put in touch with a composer to talk about something a little more bespoke.

This is ethical, business-to-business trading and we reckon it’s the way so many industries should be set up.

All power to them