It’s Friday, it’s February and we’ve all been stuck indoors for far too long. The weather that’s lashing these shores can just shoo now, because we’ve all had enough. Watching the rain fall and the floodwaters rise is making us all feel a bit edgy.

And it’s been reflected in our sense of humour over here at Pocket Lint Towers. Suddenly were finding things like a lot funnier than maybe we should. We are, after all, a family site. But this collection of grown-up internet mischief makers does churn out some entertaining stuff, as long you have a broad sense of humour.

The Photoshop galleries were what originally brought us here, but they also have a decent array of columnists and animators to help you get through another stormy end of the week.

It’s not quite fair to label it NSFW, but you should probably be aware that some of the material is quite edgy and it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The forums are not for the fainthearted by any stretch.

We’re just a bit stir crazy, that’s all.