Being a music fan is no easy ride these days. We’re bombarded with slick marketing and media campaigns for acts we don't care about and actually getting to see the bands we do like play live involves a second mortgage.

So anything that could be a route to some free gig tickets is always welcome round these parts.

MasterCard has form in this area, and with its #pricelesssurprises campaign it's upped the ante at

Here you can enter prize draws to get tickets to some of the biggest acts around, and much more besides.

This is a half-decent site for music news and interviews too, as it’s part of the main site for the Brit Awards, which MasterCard sponsors.

The annual bash where the the great and the good of the music industry get together and interrupt each other on stage is only a couple of weeks away, and you can stay up to date with all the goings on right here.