This week's headline review is the brand-spanking-new Fujifilm X-T1. It's an awesome blend of retro cool and modern tech rolled into one superb system camera. Does it get any better than this?

Well, yes, maybe if you're a gamer. Because this week we've also been playing Titanfall - set to be the biggest game of 2014 if we're not mistaken - as well as South Park: The Stick of Truth for some RPG and downright silly thrills.

Or, if you're game for the weird and whacky - yet oddly almost-brilliant - then the LG G Flex curved smartphone might be the gadget to light up your week. A phone that is actually curved, you can even bend it. Bonkers.

We've also updated our review of the Moto G smartphone, reviewed the Acer W4 tablet in full and have been driving around in the rather lovely Lexus IS 300h. Not all at the same time, of course, as that would be nuts. But then we've been trying to avoid crashes - honest - and thanks to a Mio dashcam fitted we've got the video evidence to prove it. Another all-round versatile week in tech.

Quick review: Here's a smashing compact system camera if we ever saw one. Sublime image quality, a weather-sealed and all-metal build, complete with retro-style mode dials and a giant electronic viewfinder. There's little to nothing missing from the spec sheet of the X-T1 and it can be felt in use.

The camera is fast and earns its place as the best Fujifilm CSC we've seen. Autofocus isn't perfect, however, while the battery ought to last out longer per charge to get the very most from this model. But, even so, for the right users this is camera perfection - just look at it.

Pros: Giant viewfinder is ace, excellent image quality just like X-E2, retro mode dials are great in use, solid build with weather-sealing, tilt-angle LCD screen

Cons: Autofocus not fastest in class, no weather-sealed lenses (yet), single SD, so-so battery life, viewfinder ghosting in dim light, some tight button placement

Price: £1049 (body only)

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Quick review: We do love the G Flex, because it's a bit different. Heck, it's got a curved screen. Yup, a screen that's actually curved. Thing is, that's a bit of a gimmick and answers questions that were never really an issue. The reality is that most people will find it's too big, too irregularly shaped and, most crucially of all, too expensive. Which is a shame as at its core the G Flex is a reworking of the excellent LG G2 phone, but it loses that little something in its transformation. 

Pros: Interesting design will 'turn heads', comfortable to use as a phone, amazing battery life, big screen is fabulous to use, high quality audio feature

Cons: OLED has noticeable grain on image, phone is big and heavy, sometimes feels a big laggy, far too expensive, no microSD slot, limited internal storage, expensive

Price: £690

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Quick review: The Acer Iconia W4 is a very capable 8.1-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, especially for the price. For an all-day-use Windows tablet that's portable but still offers plenty of apps and a good screen the W4 is spot on. Competition is stiff from Android and Apple tablet offerings, though, and Acer lacks that truly premium finish lacks. Still, for the price the W4 punches above its category weight.

Pros: Good screen viewing angles, full Windows 8.1, decent battery life, super-fast browsing, microSD storage

Cons: Can lack performance speed, plasticky finish, screen resolution could be higher

Price: £270

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Quick review: There is something beguiling and impressive about this Lexus that transcends its driving dynamics. While it’s not quite perfect, it wins you over by looking and feeling special. Stepping back into our 3-Series after a week with the Lexus made the BMW feel dull. Genuinely. We never thought we’d think it, nor write it, but the Lexus IS feels more special than the BMW 3-Series.

Pros: Looks and feels special, some highly original in-cabin technology, well equipped, refined in most circumstances

Cons: Hard ride in sports trim and with big wheels, main interface controller still poor, drive could be more "polished"

Price: From £29,495 | £37,500 (as tested)

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Quick review: Dashcams may come in useful for those who want to provide evidence when an accident involving their vehicle takes place, or those who just feel they miss out on being able to capture interesting things that happen when they are on the road. With the MiVue 388 there's the added advantage of the speed camera alerts rolled into the system too. Now when's that next visually stunning Russian meteor shower due?

Pros: Good quality video, motion detection, gives plenty of information, speed camera alerts

Cons: Battery life is very short, design can make mounting restrictive

Price: £200

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