Sky heralds age of 'connected TV' as 2013 financial results show Sky Go on the rise

Sky has posted its unaudited financial results for the six months ending 31 December 2013. It made a £647 million profit in the period, but the biggest rise is in the number of Sky+HD customers who have connected their boxes to the internet.

Thanks to an increased On Demand offering from the broadcaster and more focus on a "connected TV" message, an extra 2.637 million customers connected their Sky+HD boxes to the internet, over one million in the last three months of the year alone.

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That now brings the total up to 4.352 million who are reaping the benefits of On Demand content. Less than three quarters of a million now remain unconnected.

Sky Go also grew in 2013. The number of unique users of the mobile platform rose to 3.314 million in the year, a year on year rise of 248,000.

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In total, Sky now has over 15 million TV subscribers - 10.536 million standard TV, 5.005 million HD - and there are 33.307 paid-for products in use, a rise of 3.794 million year on year.

Its profits rose to £647 million for the last two quarters.

The company also announced an extension to its exclusivity deal with HBO, which will now run until 2020 and include co-production on new TV series, and a redesigned EPG that will launch in the spring.