You know us by now. We like anything that makes life a little bit easier, especially when it comes to the good bits like going on holiday.

Long-time readers might remember that many moons ago we featured, a really handy site that helps you plot journeys to almost anywhere if you don’t want to spend your travels stuck in airport departure lounges or sitting next to a screaming baby at 35,000ft. It makes planning a trip easier by showing you the options in one place.

In a similar vein, but perhaps just a little slicker, is, where you can search for the best deals on various modes of transport, all in one place.

Tell it where you want to go in Europe, and it shows all the options. That way you can plan your trip based on price, convenience, mode of transport, whatever. And these guys do include flights, in case you’re in a hurry. Or that screaming baby is yours.

Here, you can turn a mundane journey into a trip with a difference, and all in one hit.

It makes seeing a bit more of the world a much easier prospect.