You like your Galaxy S4, but you are an adventurous type, it's okay, Incipio has heard your cries for something to toughen up your Samsung phone and launched the Atlas Ultra Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4.

To say that the phone case wasn't tough would be a serious understatement.

When on, it will make your SGS4 waterproof down to a depth of 2 metres for 30 minutes, make it able to withstand dust, and be dropped from a height of 4ft, as we found kicking it around the garden for 20 minutes.

If you are getting technical it stands up to US Military Standard 810G, as well as, IP68 for dust and water ingress protection, although in reality that just means that someone has tested it to let the company state the claims they are making. 

In practice and the Incipio Atlas Ultra Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 does add a fair bit of bulk to the skinny phone and makes the power and home button that little bit harder to press, but is sure to protect the expensive electronics inside. 

The case clamps around the phone and is held in place with two further clasp locks. While they can be popped on and off fairly easily - you'll find yourself playing - the two parts of the rest of the case will need to be jimmied open to get access to the phone. Those two parts are of course sealed with rubber when shut tight. 

This Atlas case isn't for someone who is worried about the possibility of dropping their SGS4 down the toilet, or having one of their kids throw it off the table in a tantrum, but someone constantly in tough environments, be that on the side of a mountain or more than likely on a building site where there is constantly dirt, dust and water waiting to attack your phone. 

It's tough, but as we've said, be prepared for it not to fit in your pocket once the case is on.  

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