We’ve all done it. Sprinkled a few choice, fanciful words where a few slightly more mundane ones will do. And when I say “we”, I mean we journos. We’ve all beefed up a headline a bit to make sure the story gets a few more hits. It’s what a headline is for, after all. To grab attention, pull the punters in, keep them there long enough for a click to register in the old Google Analytics.

But, in recent years, the proliferation of aggregator sites that trawl the web and purport to bring you “the best of the internet” (and, to be fair, we’ve feature a few in this slot over the years) has meant that the hyperbolic headline is becoming the norm rather than the exception to rule.

Well, it's time to redress the balance with this handy tool at downworthy.snipe.net.

This nifty plugin “translates” the superlatives used by any over eager sub into meaningful and altogether more honest prose.

We love this, even if it does expose our manipulative ways a wee bit.