A very rare original Nintendo game is expected to sell for thousands of pounds after it appeared on eBay. The first bid has already come in at $4,999.

Only 116 copies of Nintendo World Championships were made as part of a special event in 1990.

As the picture shows, the cartridge is in pretty poor condition. The label is all but ripped off and Mario has been written on in pen. "This is quite unfortunate but happened many decades ago," said the seller in his description of the "super-rare" item. He pointed out that whoever wrote on the label didn't have "a clue what they actually had".

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The game was created for the NES as part of a competition so it never actually went on general sale. The game features shortened versions of Super Mario, Tetris and Rad Racer.

As part of the same competition a few golden cartridges were sent out by Nintendo Power magazine.

Despite the condition of this cartridge it's still sought-after by collectors because of its rarity. In 2011 the same game, but in better condition, sold at a charity auction for $11,000. This auction will end on 25 January.

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