We saw something funny the other day: somebody had redone a load of corporate logos with more “honest” strap lines. Adobe Acrobat’s was “Would you like to update?” That made us chuckle.

Google had “Just try using another search engine.” Again, much knowing laughter.

But then we got to Netflix, who had been assigned the following: ”You’ll spend more time searching that actually watching.” We laughed heartily, not just because it’s funny, but because it’s also true.

It’s like the early days of YouTube, where seeing one thing would draw you on to the next, your quest for something to watch never quite being fulfilled before it’s time for bed. There’s simply too much content, much of which you’re probably not familiar with.

So anything that can help filter stuff out and make informed recommendations has got to be a good thing.

At netflix.maft.co you get to see what the newest stuff is. There’s still more than a fair share of obscure stuff, but at least this helps you get to the latest releases more quickly than the inbuilt filter. But it also helps you find the stuff that’s being removed soon, the top-rated titles and allows you to filter all your results by genre.

It’s the kind of search that should be built into the service, but isn’t.