The Toy Fair took place for its sixth year at Olympia in London this week and saw the launch of some exciting new toys, along with life-sized Minions and a pack of Ninja Turtles walking the aisles.

We trawled the show floor to hunt down the most gadgety and techy toys we could find, pulling the best of the bunch into this feature to make it easy for you note the ones to watch out for this year.

The MiP is the latest robot to come from WowWee at 12-inches tall, and uses pendulum-based technology to keep it standing upright - meaning it can carry items such as Jenga blocks and half a pint, apparently.

The robot can be controlled using an iPhone or Android app, allowing your device to be used as a remote control, or you can wave gestures in front of it. You can also control it by pre-setting instructions and the MiP can remember 100 commands, plus it also displays its own personality by dancing and performing tricks.

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The Scalextric Race Control System RCS is the perfect example of a traditional gadget blended with advanced tech and it is the company's first 1:32 scale slot car RCS that allows you to wirelessly manage and create races using a Bluetooth-enabled device.

The top-of-the-range RCS Pro set offers full app functionality and lets Android and iOS users race up to six cars wirelessly, along with managing a range of racing modes and in-race settings including yellow card mode, which cuts the power when a car is thrown off the track. It is brilliant.

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Hexbug had some great new micro robotic creatures on its stand at the Toy Fair 2014 but one of the most exciting was the Strandbeast, an eight-legged walking robot that was, quite simply, mesmerising.

The Hexbug Strandbeast is controlled via a two-channel infrared remote and its legs can be operated independently, allowing you to direct them forwards, backwards or in turning motions. It comes in five colours and the remote can control two Strandbeasts independently or multiple Strandbeasts in unison for all kinds of fun.

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Lego is loved by many ages, young and old, and the new products unveiled on the stand were just as exciting as its previous collections, if not more so.

The company is relaunching its Ultra Agents collection with a range of new minifigs, as well as a truck that doubles as an HQ and features other vehicles inside. But there will also be an augmented reality app to go alongside the sets, bringing your minifigs to life and challenging you to complete missions to find out who the bad guy is.

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Character Options has expanded its Teksta collection with the launch of a Dalmation version of its popular Teksta Robotic Puppy, along with Kitty the kitten and Teksta T-Rex.

The T-Rex stands on two legs, performs a range of tricks and comes with a bone accessory that you can feed to it. You can also make it walk back and forth using hand gestures and it is able to tilt its head, sniff the bone and snap the bone, flinging it out of its mouth.

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VTech launched the InnoTab 3 Baby Tablet at ToyFair 2014, enabling babies as young as 12 months to get involved with tech.

It comes with a tough casing to protect it against drops, but the shell can be removed if you have older children who aren't as accident prone. There are 12 built-in songs on board, and the InnoTab 3 Baby Tablet also comes with a baby-stylus, baby cartridge and a 180-degree camera.

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VTech didn't just launch its Baby Tablet at Toy Fair 2014, but also introduced a smartwatch for children, designed to bring technology to kids in a fun, interactive, safe and educational way.

As you would expect, the Kidizoom smartwatch can tell the time, but it offers 20 different clock faces for kids to choose from, along with a 1.4-inch colour touchscreen and a 0.3-megapixel camera for capturing photos.

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Character Options unveiled its first action figure for the new Doctor Who, played by Peter Capaldi, at this year's Toy Fair. The Twelfth Doctor comes with the clothes he regenerated into at the end of The Day of the Doctor, which was shown on Christmas Day.

The action figure really does look like Capaldi and was well-placed among the other figures, offering a nice treat for Doctor Who fans.

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The Revell Nano Quadcopter is claimed to be the world's tiniest quad-copter, fitting into the palm of your hand, but it still comes with enough power to fly around and take off.

You'll get around 5 minutes of flying time on a 30-minute charge but you can charge it using a USB socket and you'll also get a spare set of rotor blades included just in case it takes one knock too many. The Nano Quadcopter works on a 2.4GHz radio signal with a range of around 50m and it is pretty nippy.

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TobyRich showcased the smartphone-controlled SmartPlane at Toy Fair 2014, allowing you to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to guide the 10g toy plane through the air.

It works using Bluetooth and the company's SmartLink system and the SmartPlane features a back fin that steers it and a propeller that powers it, both of which are controlled via the app. The SmartPlane has a simple design, but it was exciting to watch it fly and it glided seamlessly though the air.

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