App Duck: The Bluetooth rubber duck that helps you listen to music in the bath

App Duck is a hands-free Bluetooth media streaming water-resistant duck that lets you play music or even take a phone call via Bluetooth while your chilling in the tub.

Due out later this year, there will be four different ducks, including a Zombie duck and a pretty in pink version too, to fit all tastes.

The water resistant device comes with a built in speaker, buttons to control it all, and an integrated microphone so you can talk as it floats around your bath. 

As with all things these days there is a free app that will accompany the experience and it will be available for iPhone and Android users to get even more from the duck. That app will let you do silly things like change your voice or mess around with an in-built soundboard - well what else have you got to do in the bath?

No word on price as yet, but if you like the idea of holding your next conference call in the bath, this might be worth looking out for when it goes on sale later in the year.