In this busy, overcrowded world we live in, it’s never been more true to say that space is at a premium. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in your dream house in the country with all the room you could ever want, you’ll be familiar with the feeling that you’re outgrowing your home from time to time. It just happens. You buy more stuff, you meet new people, you try not to throw too much away. It gets crowded.

Self storage is an option. Those charmless corrugated warehouses on the outskirts of town, where you pay your money and take your choice of identical metal boxes into which you can shove your underused stuff. Bringing your stuff in and out is a real chore, and you’re often limited to when you can actually get to it.

But there is another way, and it’s one we think is a lot more civilised.

At you get them to do all the heavy lifting and driving around. You make a booking, pack up your stuff and they come and collect it. It's then stored in a climate controlled, secure warehouse until you want it back. Then you just book a convenient delivery slot and they bring it back to you.

It makes keeping your home clear of clutter a hell of a lot easier.