There are moments in life when your blood runs cold. When the boss says something like , "So, whose idea was this…?" or when you present your debit card in front of a queue of impatient shoppers and it gets declined. Awful.

But there’s one that can reduce even the hardiest of souls to jelly. It's that moment when you misjudge your timing while clearing away after a special meal and watch, motionless, as a piece of the "special china" slips from your grasp and disintegrates on the floor. Unspeakably awful.

Rarely a tenser moment in the average family home when that happens, but all is not lost. There are a number of sites that will help you replace old and discontinued crockery, and is one we've found most useful.

It helps if you know which brand the crockery is, but here you get a handy picture reference too, so you can match things up if the labels have faded over time.

Not the sexiest site, admittedly, but pretty damn useful if you ever find yourself standing amid the remains of what used to be your mother's best china.