Wowwee MiP balancing robot wants to be your gesture-controlled friend

MiP is the balancing robot that zips about on two wheels doing the bidding of your every gesture. It can also carry its own weight and fight other robots.

MiP uses two wheels with intelligent balancing to get around. You can either control it using your iOS or Android device or have it follow your hand or an object about.

MiP detects objects so it can avoid them as it goes. It also dances to songs you upload to the app and play from your device's speaker. MiP will even do tricks, up to 100 of them, at your command - from swaying in all directions to clapping. Another game lets you stack items on MiP's tray and watch it try to maintain an upright position.

If you're feeling competitive and have more than one MiP in the room you can enter battle mode to box each other, using the app, until one loses its balance.

MiP is available for pre-order now for $120 and is due out in the spring.

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