Hoyo is a new Kickstarter project that plans to keep your phone dry while you're in the shower.

We've all been in this situation before: you get an important call or text message while sopping wet, and are unable to answer without getting your phone drenched. Sometimes you may even want to control your music from the shower or watch a video.

The Hoyo allows you to slip your phone into a protective, waterproof pocket and take it in the shower with you. You get full control over the smartphone while hanging it by suction cup, and can even hear sound streaming out so you can jam along to the latest Miley Cyrus track while soaping your hair.

Given the Hoyo is a Kickstarter project, the company is trying to raise money to bring the product to market. For £12/$25 you get one Hoyo that can be hung in your shower or another wet and dusty climate like the garden. The funding period lasts until March, with estimated delivery set for June 2014.