One of the biggest and most compelling sporting spectacles is set to hit these shores again this year, when the Tour De France holds its opening stages in Yorkshire, Cambridge and London. Three stages in all, and if 2007 - the first time Le Tour came to the UK is anything to go by - it’s going to be huge.

Thousands will get to see the full show, from the sponsorship trucks throwing their freebies into the crowds right through to the last few stragglers of the peloton and the support vehicles bringing up the rear.

But this won’t be enough for the committed fans, many of whom will be jumping into campervans and cars and charging across Europe to secure top viewing spots for each and every stage.

One of the biggest challenges is finding somewhere to stay. So it’s great to see this dedicated Tour De France section from that gives you details on the best places to camp throughout the three-week tour, complete with an interactive map. All in plenty of time to get your itinerary sorted.

An essential bookmark if you’re planning to take in Le Tour this year.