January is really starting to drag now, isn’t it? What is this now, the fifth Monday of the month? The sixth? Feels like it, that’s for sure. It’s not helped by all these people detoxing everywhere. Take it easy, people. You’ve given up boozing or eating chocolate for a month, not cut off a limb. It’s all people are talking about.

But we like to think of ourselves as pioneers over here, so we’ve we’ve bucked that trend. We’re forging ahead with living it up, and so for today’s recommendation we turn to the words of our favourite philosopher, Homer Simpson.

“Mmmm, donuts…”

Yep. At glazedandconfused.co.uk you can get fresh donuts delivered anywhere in London (apologies for the local shout, but we reckon this could really take off - especially with a great name like that). And they’re gourmet too. And when we say fresh, we mean it - this site isn't even up and running properly yet - you need to link through to Facebook or Twitter to get hold of the goodies.

Now that’s fresh.

We have no idea what “gourmet” really means in this instance either. All we know is, these are donuts to die for.

Homer would approve.