We know it's Friday, and we hate to throw something your way that might add to your workload, but we have a challenge for you. Don't worry, it's not an onerous task. Far from it. This is perfect for a Friday, because it's creative, entertaining and really very silly. 

At namemydaughter.com we find a soon-to-be-father asking the internet for help with naming his unborn child. 

Well, who are we to disappoint? And we reckon you lot will have some great ideas too. 

It needs to be something noteworthy, memorable. Something contemporary, cool and characterful. At least we think that's what the aim is, but judging by the top name here at the moment, the internet is conspiring to give this child a moniker that will mean she'll have to spend the rest of her life spelling it out every time she's asked her name. Crazy stuff, but hilarious too. 

So, come on. Let's get naming and see if we can topple those top choices.