It’s been a bit of a mixed week for Francois Hollande, the French President. He’s been caught, in what’s becoming almost a tradition for French politicians, playing away from home. The First Lady ended up in rehab after it emerged that the President had been demonstrating his extracurricular domestic policy with a 41-year-old actress.

He was caught by the paparazzi emerging from Julie Gayet’s apartment and jumping on to a scooter, prompting a media frenzy and an awkward press conference. Even former President Nicolas Sarkozy has waded in saying that Monsieur Hollande “looks ridiculous”. Must be the helmet.

Poor Francois. Must be tough to conduct a clandestine affair with half the world’s media monitoring your every move.

And, at, you can get a flavour of just how hard it is with a brilliantly topical online game. You have to guide the world’s now most notorious scooter rider past various obstacles to get him to his amorous rendezvous.

Bizarrely, none of this has done his poll ratings any harm, it would seem.

Zut alors!