Google has released a new version of Chrome, and it's actually a pretty sizable update.

It adds the ability to track down noisy tabs, thanks to a new speaker icon that will let you know which is playing music or is showing a video. YouTube added this feature last year, but it's now extended to every website. You can also see which tabs are using your webcam or beaming video to your Chromecast.

Chrome 32 also hopes to make for a safer browsing experience, adding supervised user accounts. Intended for your children, you can set site restrictions and review their browsing activity to make sure they're not accessing anything too risque. Safe Browsing's malware warning has become stronger as well, letting you know if you're set to access a site that could cause damage.

Last and perhaps most importantly, Google has added a ChromeOS-like interface for Windows 8 users. Within the "Metro mode", Chrome looks like ChromeOS, with an app launcher and new UI styling. It's an improvement of Google's last "Metro mode" that used the typical Chrome look, but at the same time didn't look quite right.

Users can grab the update through their Chrome browser or the Google Chrome website.