Rubber Band Rambo Gatling gun fires 672 rounds in 48 seconds

If you thought being flicked by a rubber band hurt, imagine being shot at by the Rubber Band Rambo Gatling gun that pings out 672 elastic stingers in just 48 seconds - that's 14 shots per second fired up to 26 feet.

Ukranian student and inventor Alexander Shpetniy created the gun with a $5,000 Kickstarter goal. He's now about to hit $100,000. Check out the video to see why.

The 16-barrel gun has a capacity of 672 elastic bands which it fires using a motor and five AA batteries that are activated when you pull the trigger. If, like us, you were thinking it wouldn't be worth the fun knowing you have to put all those elastic bands back, relax he's fixed that too. This video explains the fast-charging reload method.

The gun is available in four plywood types: Standard, Burnt, Black and Camouflage. It will ship with 700 spare rubber bands, come with a rack to stand the gun on, and the fast charging device for reloading.

The $85 and $90 Kickstarter prices have sold out but at the time of publishing $95 models are still available.