Tragically, now is about the time when animal rescue centres start to see a steady influx of unwanted pets.

The novelty of the cute little puppy on Christmas Day has worn off, and that fluffy littel kitten just doesn’t seem to get the idea of a litter tray, does it?

No matter how many times people are told to think carefully before buying a pet, they still get it wrong.

But there are other reasons that animals end up being unwanted, Take greyhounds. Once they’ve outlived their usefulness on the track they’re put out to pasture, very often without any idea where that pasture might be or who will take them there. Apologies for torturing the metaphor, but you get the point.

There are thousands of dogs who need good homes, and is where you can find out everything you might need if you think you can help.

They make brilliant family pets, and you might even end up with a champion sleeping at the foot of your bed.