There are plenty of smart locks out there but none does what Teo proposes. It uses the Bluetooth on your phone to control its padlock mechanism. This is brilliant not only because of how easy it is for you to use, but also because you can send virtual keys to your friends.

Imagine sharing a bike locked using the Teo padlock, you could simply send the virtual key to another person who would then have access. Sharing a locker or shed? That's easier too.

The problem here, and perhaps the reason it hasn't hit its Kickstarter goal yet, is that the lock will require power. If that runs out you could be a in a spot of bother. Teo is working on a fob to unlock it if your phone, or the Teo itself has died. But Teo assures potential backers it will last a year without needing a charge.

And in case you were worried about the security of a digital lock, Teo has its own Bluetooth chipset specifically created to offer the most secure system.

The early backer CAD$69 Teos are gone but at the time of publishing there is still a CAD$79 model available.