Putting a roof over your own head is probably one of the most satisfying feelings you can have in life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into your first student digs, your first rented flat or even the first property you buy, the pride you feel in having a home of your own is overwhelming.

And it’s no wonder why people instantly want to set to work stamping them with their own style.

DIY and home sites are ten a penny, but houzz.com, a US-based site that we've fallen in love with has a fresh approach to offering advice on doing up your home.

The emphasis here is on developing your own style, and they mix features and products curated by their own team with some of the most beautiful and inspiring photography we’ve seen.

If you're trying to turn your pad into a palace this is one of the best sites we’ve seen for inspiration and straightforward product recommendations.

Stylish stuff.