Everybody loves cartoons. Whether it’s classics like Tom & Jerry and Popeye or the state-of-the-art CGI epics like Toy Story, Tangled or Frozen, everybody loves them.

Animation is a medium that captures the imagination like no other, and now with hueanimation.com, a whole new generation can get involved.

Here you can find their brilliant stop-motion animation kit for a knock-down price, plus all the advice you or your budding animators might need to start creating your very own masterpieces.

This software is designed for kids and has education very much at its heart. It uses techniques that inspire and teach youngsters about composition, lighting, movement, and even post production, which in an ever more media savvy world has got to be a good thing.

The effect you end up is very much like Wallace and Gromit and they’re staggeringly good. If you know any family that likes animation, you should really send them this way.