Over the years we’ve dedicated quite a few of these here column inches to sites that will save you money. We’ve featured cashback sites aplenty and we’re always on the lookout for sites with great discounts and unbeatable offers. But you can’t beat free, can you?

There are loads of sites that will show you how to get free stuff, but we’re looking at freestufffinder.co.uk today as it’s got a good range of things you can grab for nothing.

Free samples are the staple offering, and they range from shampoo to cooking sauces to wood screws. Quite an eclectic range really.

None of these sites is particularly slick or sophisticated - they don’t need to be - but this one does present the offers in a clear and easy to navigate way, so finding stuff for nowt is quick and easy. They’re updating the offers regularly and they’re also transatlantic with a US-based .com version.

Before Christmas, you may have read about the teenager who bought hundreds of pounds worth of shopping for a few pennies, and then gave it all to charity. It’s sites like this one that make that sort of gesture possible.