Another day into the new year and we’ve got another idea for a slightly different way to keep fit. And this one really appeals to us.

Research suggests that one way to push the body to its limits is to scare the living daylights out of it. Fear makes you go further and faster, and that’s why is becoming the choice for people wanting a few thrills as they get fit.

The idea is staggeringly simple: there’s been an apocalyptic event and the landscape you’re dropped into is infested with flesh-eating zombies. You have to get from one point to another across fields, through woods and tackling obstacles en route. And those zombies are on your tail every inch of the way.

As a fitness craze, we think this is a brilliant idea that taps into a very modern cultural fascination with all things undead.

As a fun day out for a few mates, we’re struggling to think of anything better.