Samsung has introduced a new remote control, the Smart Control remote, that it will fully show off next week at the CES 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The remote is actually a successor to last year's model. It brings two significant improvements, including a new shape and more accessibility options. Specifically, the remote has ditched the traditional rectangle design for an oval look that Samsung describes as "pebble-like" and ergonomic.

Samsung has also added gesture control to the Smart Control remote, meaning you can flip through menus by moving the remote. You can also control a television using the remote's mic or touchpad. These two features were available on Samsung's Smart TV remote from last year, though the touchpad is now 80 per cent smaller.

Samsung's Smart Control notably provides four ways to interact with a Samsung television: buttons, touchpad, voice and gesture controls. Previously, the remote came with Samsung's pricier televisions, but could be bought separately for lower-end Samsung televisions.

Samsung has not revealed pricing or availability for its redesigned Smart Control remote, though it's likely to spill the beans next week at CES 2014.