For many people, today’s the day that reality really bites. You might not be back in the office or classroom yet, but the hangover is probably clearing, the cards are starting to fall off the mantelpiece with annoying regularity and the tree is looking more like a bunch of stark twigs with ideas above its station. Oh, and then there's the interminable wait for the post-festive bank statement.

Yep, we all tend to spend a bit more than we planned over Christmas and New Year, so anything that might ease the burden is surely worth a mention.

Take, which claims to be the UK’s number one cashback shopping site. It's a story we’ve featured before: you shop online and get money back. But we reckon today’s a good day to mention it, particularly as this lot have more than 4,000 retailers on their books and definitely offer some of the best cashback rates.

Worth changing your shopping habits for 2014, if nothing else.