Samsung has just taken the wraps off the world’s largest UHD TV which it will be showing off at CES next week. The 110-inch Ultra HDTV goes on sale on Monday.

Samsung’s 110-inch UHDTV will be the next step in size from its 85-inch model that Sammy showed off at the last CES. This version will go on sale in China, the Middle East and a few European countries as soon as 6 January 2014.

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How much will all those pixels set you back? It’s not been announced yet but bearing in mind the 85-inch version costs $40,000 (£25,000), this is going to be out of most people’s price range. And at 2.6 metres x 1.8 metres only a few will have rooms big enough to house its might.

While the sale of this mega-screen is limited to certain countries at first,  Samsung says it will roll out to a wider market after nine weeks. Check back next week for our coverage from CES 2014.

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