Right. This is it. The last day of the year. You have 24 hours to go overboard on all those things you’re giving up tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether it’s biscuits, chocolate, booze, smokes, whatever, it’s going to be tough going. 

A popular resolution is to lose a bit of weight, and that's one of the toughest of all of them. Yes, giving up a load of the bad stuff will help, but if you want a bit more structure, there are a few nutritional or exercise regimes you might want to take a look at.

One that's really caught our eye is balancebox.com, simply because it appeals to our every-so-slightly-lazy-when-it-comes-to-making-lifestyle-changes attitude.

This lot will send you a box for every meal of the day that's nutritionally balanced, yet calorifically much kinder to your waistline. Every week a new box arrives and you carry one for as long as you want to keep losing a few pounds.

This isn't the cheapest way to do it, but judging by some of the testimonials, it’s certainly one of the most effective.