Have you done your list yet? You know, that list. Your New Year’s resolutions. Get fit, stop drinking, quit smoking, get a new job, buy a waterfront penthouse apartment, whatever.

We’ve asked around and, as it’s mainly journos we’ve asked, we’ve got most of the above as serious suggestions. Quite a few of them muttered something under their breath about “writing a book”. Bit of a cliché for hacks to want to jack it all in to write a book, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. And it’s not just people who already make a “living” from writing that want to do it more either.

Publishing your own work is a dream for many, and these days it’s well within grabs. Self-publishing online is becoming a great way to get your work noticed, but if you still hanker after a shelf full of tomes with your name monogrammed on the spines, you’re going to have to look to people like lulu.com.

Here you can print your own books using its professional, easy-to-use publishing tool, and the results are very good indeed.

It’s not the same as having a publishing contract, obviously, but it’s still a very nice feeling to see your work in print. And affordable, too.