This is that weird time now, isn’t it? Somewhere between Christmas and New Year;s Day things get a bit strange. People queuing at 4am to get into a bog-standard clothes shop. Really? Hundreds of people getting dressed up and riding horses across the countryside pretending to hunt a fox. Eh? And what about those people who charge into the North Sea for a quick dip? Bonkers. It’s all a bit warped.

So there’s no better time to take a look at, where that kind of thing is considered normal.

We’ve featured a few sites similar to this over the past 12 months - places where the weird and wonderful web-based content gathers - but this one is a little different.

Much of it is the usual quirky and funny stuff, but they also bring to light some truly awe-inspiring content. Breathtaking images, amazing wildlife, and even some fascinating maps. But all of it is a little off-kilter.

So if you’re in need of some company to get you through this slightly odd time of year, give this a try.