Boxing Day. Traditionally a day of clearing up, reflection, recovery and generally sitting on backsides while the world turns around us. Not bad, really.

Most of us are lucky we don’t have anything too taxing to deal with at this time of year. But there are those that aren’t so fortunate.

Across the world millions of people are facing the festive season with an illness that is still considered a death sentence by most. Cancer. A hideous word that strikes fear into most people. 

But despite the war not being won, we are winning a few battles against this age-old killer.

And is the product of one of those victories. We think this is one of the most inspiring things we’ve seen all year. 

It’s 101 ideas for people to live a full, exciting and rewarding life, all written by a two-time cancer survivor. It’s sort of an “anti-bucket” list and is something that everybody should have a read through, whether they’re ill or not.

If you’re in reflective mood today, this might give you a few ideas for some New Year’s resolutions, or maybe just a few ideas for getting out there and making a bit more of your time on this little green planet.